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Wiener works has five locations and employs approximately 60 people. These people have found that flexibility is one of the chief benefits of working at Wiener Works. We understand that our employees juggle many responsibilities and commitments. Therefore, we offer full time and part time day or night shifts, as well as flexible scheduling to accommodate school requirements. Among our five locations, Wiener Works regularly has various openings. Therefore, if you are interested in working for a locally owned restaurant chain, do not hesitate to apply at any time. Applications are available at all five stores. We prefer that employment applications be submitted between 2 - 5PM daily. For more information call 910-484-3638.

  Currently Hiring at our Person Street Location
  - Shift Managers / Drive-Thru Operators / Cooks / Cashiers

Currently Hiring at all locations
  - Shift Managers / Drive-Thru Operators   applicationbut2

 Currently Hiring at our Hope Mills location
  - Cooks / Cashiers / Drive-Thru Operators    applicationbut2

 Currently Hiring at our Yadkin Road location
  - Cooks / Cashiers / Drive-Thru Operators
(Drop off applications at the store Mon-Fri)

Apply at any location. Must have flexible hours

Wiener Works is extremely proud of our employment reputation demonstrated by our very low employee turnover. As our employee, you can count on the following:

  • Friendly co-workers
  • Profit sharing retirement plan
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Regular raises
  • Paid vacations
  • Free uniforms
  • Training program
  • ½ price meals

  • “What does it take to be hired at Wiener Works?”
    Most of all, Wiener Works is looking for happy team players. With or without experience as cooks, cashiers, and shift managers are strongly encouraged to apply to join the Wiener Works team. All prior employment experience will be considered; restaurant related experience not necessary. There are several characteristics we look for when reviewing your application & resume and while conducting your interview. Among those characteristics/abilities are:

  • Neatness and attention to detail: A neatly and fully filled out job application will go a long way toward demonstrating these characteristics.
  • Consistency/Dependability: Consistent prior job experience is very favorable.
  • Good personal grooming: A neat appearance is a must when working in the restaurant business
  • Friendly personality: Smiles are contagious! They make customers want to come back to our stores and fellow employees want to do their best.
  • Please apply in person between 2-5pm daily Monday through Friday for answers to your questions and to submit your resume, application, and information. If Wiener Works sounds like a place you would want to come to work, please apply soon!

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Thank You!
    Saturday, 29 January 2022